Forensic Psychiatric Clinics

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Forensic Psychiatric Clinics

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The Forensic Psychiatric Clinics in Germany have a security-oriented overall concept with the aim of enabling the treatment of patients in a protected area and protecting the public from them. To this end, various security and safety measures are used in institutions for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Type: residential character | patient rooms, passage and airlock doors are equipped with mechanical and/or electronic security locks.

Lochow Forensic Psychiatric Clinic

As a branch of the State Hospital for Forensic Psychiatry in Uchtspringe (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), the Lochow Forensic Psychiatric Hospital has 80 places. About eight million euros were invested to convert a former Bundeswehr site for the tasks of the Maßregelvollzugs. It is located on an area of just under five hectares. Among other things, the facility houses patient rooms, service rooms as well as a kitchen and dining hall. The second main building, formerly a truck workshop, is available for occupational and sports therapy. Furthermore, there is a new building that houses the lock-secured entrance and exit area as well as the facility monitoring. The grounds are secured by a special fence. The fence is almost six metres high and made of NATO wire with climbing protection, detectors and camera surveillance.

Location Lochow, Germany
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LVR Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry Essen

The Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry at LVR-Klinikum Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) has a total of 54 places. The facility is used for temporary placement in accordance with Section 126a of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Accordingly, patients are accommodated here if there are urgent reasons to believe that they have committed an unlawful act in a state of incapacity. Thus, the accommodation corresponds to a type of "pre-trial detention". The patients remain in the facility until their main hearing, after which they may be transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

Location Essen, Germany
Room / Door Detention room door, Food Hatch
Product series HSL High security locks
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