HSL High Security Locks

The optimal solution for the correctional system

Prison lock with HSL 105 latchbolt

The high security lock made in Germany

With HSL, you get a locking system with features you simply need - plus many features you might never have expected. Here are some reasons why your next locking system is probably called HSL.

Know How


Made in Germany


unpickable double-bit high security locking mechanism

5 sec.

can be recoded in 5 seconds - means no risk in case of key loss

10 years

up to 10 years manufacturer's warranty and investment protection thanks to decades-long after-sales warranty

tested and certified

highest break-out and fire protection, tested and certified

Equipment options
Mounting & Service

Deadbolt Locks

For secure locking of doors in detention rooms, passage doors in cell wings and in security facilities where latch operation is not required.
HSL Deadbolt Locks

Latch Locks

For secure locking of passage doors. These locks have been specially designed to secure high-traffic passage doors and main access routes.
HSL Latch Locks

Deadbolt / Latch Locks

For secure locking of detention room doors. Additional occupant locking mechanism provides privacy and security for occupants. The occupant function can be overridden at any time by the HSL double-bit key.
HSL Deadbolt / Latch Locks

Cremone Locks

For special locking of specially secured detention rooms and police custody rooms. In addition to the bolt, the lock is also locked upwards and downwards via bars.
HSL Cremone Locks

Motorised Locks

For motor-controlled locking of detention room and passage doors via BUS technology or a conventional PLC lock control.
HSL Motorised Locks

Food Hatch Locks

Compact locks for the realisation of inspection/communication flaps and food hatches in detention room doors. Optionally keyed alike or differently with the detention room door lock.
HSL Food Hatch Locks

Multipoint Locks

Security multipoint locking system for airlocks, external doors and building entrance doors, consisting of a main lock and two synchronously closing additional locks.
HSL Multipoint Locks

Customised Developments

Individual lock developments, software adaptations as well as development and production of application-specific safety components.
Request Customised Development

What do you get when you combine a tamper-proof guard locking system with uncompromising lock technology? HSL. Never before have judicial institutions been able to rely so much on a locking system.



  • manufacturer-exclusive key profiles
  • in case of key loss or change of lock: 9-fold recodable locking mechanism, recodable as often as desired, without tools in five seconds / lock
  • double-bit tumbler locking mechanism with seven tumblers fully integrated in the lock housing and protected against manipulation
  • non-pickable, springless tumblers made of low-wear special bronze alloy with 35,000,000 possible codings
  • very high protection against visual key copies (Pretoria model)
  • forend, striking plate, lock case and all functional parts made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • high protection against side load forces up to 30kn
  • maximum end load bolt counterforce up to 6kn


  • solid 50 mm stainless steel bolt
  • external visual lock status indicator
  • fully secured action arm of latch to protect against wire openings
  • protected latch opening to prevent lock manipulation when the door is open
  • auxiliary latch protects against unauthorised pushing back of the latch (cheque card trick)
  • removal protection when door is open
  • fastening by means of safety screws

mechanical safety components

Locked bolt
STUV Bolt position indicator


  • electronic lock status display
  • complex encryption of the BUS networking
  • permanent line monitoring of all BUS locks


  • Resistance classes up to RC5
  • Lock testing according to DIN EN12209
  • Fire protection testing up to EI90/T90
  • Smoke protection test up to RS2


  • Bolt with carbide anti-cutting rollers (optional)
  • Lock pocket with manganese drill protection (optional)
  • Electronic locking mechanism block (optional)
  • Main key function with max. 2 subgroups (optional)

Installation & Service

We support you with tried-and-tested components and systemic product groups during installation and assembly. This saves you time and maximises functional reliability. Our team will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.



  • Lock pocket delivery to the door manufacturer for "lock-free" prefabrication and reliable lock installation on site
  • Modular system with uniform installation dimensions enables easy change of lock and/or function at any time (e.g. electronic vs. mechanical)
  • Comprehensive range of services for planning, assembly and commissioning by STUV technicians


  • Lock dummy on loan as production lock
  • Rental locks with profile cylinder for the construction period
  • Test box for motor locks and electronic lock pockets
  • Completely maintenance-free lock technology
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty with protection letter, including replacement locks on site, including all repairs


The quality of our products reflects our promise to provide you with availability, long life and reliability. These goals are based on our STUV core values. These values have developed within the STUV Group through the commitment and involvement of all our employees. We live a culture of constant progress and innovation that helps to ensure the highest quality in every product detail. It leads us step by step closer to our goal of being number 1 in terms of customer satisfaction.



  • Manual production - Made in Germany
  • 130 years of expertise in prison locks
  • more than 450,000 STUV prison locks sold worldwide


  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • at least 500,000 mechanical closing cycles
  • min. 2,000,000 motorised closing cycles
  • completely maintenance-free lock technology
  • High security key made of hardened special steel
  • Special coating for latch and bolt latch for low wear


  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty with cover letter
  • 20 years spare parts supply
  • 20 years after-sales availability


  • ISO9001 certified
  • Certified quality, tested by PIV Velbert, ift Rosenheim and MPA NRW Dortmund
  • half-yearly quality monitoring with continuous cycle tests
  • 100% function and quality control of lock and key


HSL locks from STUV combine industry-proven technology with modern operating concepts. Both high-security locks for general justice applications and variants optimised for specific applications are available.



  • fluid, force-free locking behaviour
  • key guides guarantee precise key alignment


  • mechanical with HSL key
  • and/or with RFID transponder chip
  • and/or motor
  • and/or remote from the security centre
  • and/or via access control system


  • locked security latch to protect against unauthorised slamming of the door when staff is in the detention room
  • mechanical emergency closure of the motor locks in any bolt latch position


  • up to three authorisation levels (master key function)
  • 9-fold recodable locking mechanism, recodable as often as desired, without tools in five seconds / lock
  • electromechanical couple locks with mechanical night lock (override) and alternative operation with HSL key


  • mechanical locking indicator (optional)
  • electromechanical interlock (blockade of lock operation) by safety control centre (optional)
  • Forced locking prevents accidentally unlocked doors (optional)
  • can be recoded when the door is locked (optional)


  • with/without privacy lock
  • with/without follower
  • with/without lever handle
  • with/without mechanical four-eye principle
  • with/without day latch
  • with/without additional bar locking for specially secured detention rooms

Equiping Options

STUV offers high-security locks in numerous variants with a wide range of equipment options and customisation possibilities. Our product range also includes the appropriate access control - from potential-free contacts to BUS technology.



  • Lockable on one or both sides
  • DIN direction left, right, inwards, outwards
  • Special forend plate angular, extra long, extra wide
  • Magnet in deadbolt/latchbolt front sided or from below (for on-site reed contact)
  • Forced locking prevents accidentally unlocked doors
  • Cremone bolt deadlocked depending on locking condition
  • Removal protection
  • Locking status indication one-sided, two-sided, inverse
  • Cylinder perforation for Swiss round profile


  • Locking mechanism block and lock status query (energised/ de-energised, I/O contacts, BUS technology)
  • Cylinder emergency release with active locking mechanism block
  • Tamper and status monitoring
  • integrated RFID transponder evaluation
  • PowerPack for automatic motor locking in case of power failure
  • Motor with special empowered start-up force


Düsseldorf Prison

Düsseldorf Prison (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) is located on a 125,000 square metre site in Ratingen. The facility has an occupancy capacity of 850 inmates and is mainly equipped with solitary confinement rooms. With construction costs of around 190 million euros, the facility is the largest investment in the NRW penal system in more than 60 years. Mechanical and motorised STUV high-security locks are used in the detention houses, visitor areas, sports halls and workshops as well as in the outer fences.

Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Room / Door Passage door, Detention room door, Custody door, Outer gate, Technical room, Food Hatch, Grid/fence door, Sanitary room, Airlock door, Extra-secured detention door, Main entrance door, Service door, Sports facilities door, Administration door, Fire protection door, Smoke protection door
Solutions Correctional Services
Product series HSL High security locks
Service Installation, Delivery
Partner Sommer Fassadensysteme-Stahlbau-Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Eichstätt Deportation Detention Facility

In June 2020, the operation of the detention centre for deportees began in the building of the former correctional facility. The Wilhelminian style building from 1900 was completely renovated and converted for detention pending deportation at a total cost of over seven million euros. The facility has 86 detention places for men and ten for women, divided between individual and communal detention rooms.

Location Eichstätt, Germany
Room / Door Detention room door, Food Hatch
Solutions Detention Pending Deportation
Product series HSL High security locks
Service Delivery
Partner Sommer Fassadensysteme-Stahlbau-Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Landshut Prison

The foundation stone for the new prison building in Landshut (Bavaria, Germany) with 515 places and 36 places for youth detention was laid on 22 April 2002. The first two construction phases of the new prison were completed in 2007. The third construction phase was completed in March 2010 and includes an annex for remand prisoners. The new building on the outskirts of the Lower Bavarian district capital, which cost almost 73 million euros, replaces the approximately 100-year-old detention centre in the centre of Landshut.

Location Landshut, Germany
Room / Door Detention room door, Extra-secured detention door
Solutions Pre-trial Detention, Correctional Services, Juvenile Correctional System
Product series HSL High security locks
Service Delivery

Lörrach Police Station

The state of Baden-Württemberg has invested around 3.1 million euros in the conversion of the former police headquarters into the Lörrach police station (Germany). The building was constructed in the 18th century and is a listed building. In compliance with corresponding requirements, new custody rooms and the guard area were accommodated on the ground floor as part of the police-friendly modernisation. The facility is designed for about 80 police officers in different areas of responsibility.

Location Lörrach, Germany
Room / Door Passage door, Detention room door
Solutions Police Custody
Product series HSL High security locks
Service Delivery
Partner Teckentrup GmbH & Co. KG

LVR Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry Essen

The Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry at LVR-Klinikum Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) has a total of 54 places. The facility is used for temporary placement in accordance with Section 126a of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Accordingly, patients are accommodated here if there are urgent reasons to believe that they have committed an unlawful act in a state of incapacity. Thus, the accommodation corresponds to a type of "pre-trial detention". The patients remain in the facility until their main hearing, after which they may be transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

Location Essen, Germany
Room / Door Detention room door, Food Hatch
Product series HSL High security locks
Service Customised products, Delivery
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Door thickness up to 200 mm

Use door thicknesses from 50 mm to 200 mm by using flexible key guides.