Modernising made easy


HSL compact

In the past, modernisation measures in prisons have often failed due to the enormous effort required for retrofitting, as modern cell locks and passage door locks often could not be installed in the existing dimensions of the doors. This meant that not only the prison locks, but sometimes entire door constructions had to be changed or renewed.

Such a modernisation project was not only expensive, but also very time-consuming and therefore difficult to implement for logistical reasons alone. In the listed environment, a conversion or replacement of doors was out of the question due to the corresponding regulations.

State-of-the-art lock technology in the existing housing dimensions

STUV is breaking new ground with its Compact series and has integrated its modern mechanical HSL locking system into the outer dimensions of the conventional single or double-bit lock series. This means that time-consuming conversion of doors is not necessary. The new HSL Compact lock can be replaced 1:1 with an existing single or double-bit lock. A conversion usually takes only a few hours. The disruption of the operational process in the correctional facility and the conversion costs are reduced to a minimum.

Nine different lock types are already available as standard in the series. Within the scope of special projects, STUV also develops suitable replacement solutions for the makes of other international lock suppliers, so that it is usually possible to carry out a 1:1 exchange without any time-consuming adjustments to the existing door construction.