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Police Custody

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Police custody is characterised by the fact that the person concerned is detained in a manner that deprives him or her of liberty. Police custody is a standard police measure and is generally limited in time. The persons concerned often offer massive resistance.

Type: Prison character | Custody room doors are equipped with high-security locks with additional, integrated bar locking.

Würzburg Police Station

For around 18.8 million euros, the Würzburg-Stadt police station (Bavaria, Germany) was almost completely gutted, completely renovated and extended. The listed main building from the 1950s is now complemented by a new two- and three-storey extension. The ground floor houses the police station with its service groups, the upper floors offices with a multifunctional room. The basement mainly houses technical and changing rooms as well as the detention rooms.

Location Würzburg, Germany
Room / Door Extra-secured detention door
Solutions Police Custody
Product series HSL High security locks
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Lörrach Police Station

The state of Baden-Württemberg has invested around 3.1 million euros in the conversion of the former police headquarters into the Lörrach police station (Germany). The building was constructed in the 18th century and is a listed building. In compliance with corresponding requirements, new custody rooms and the guard area were accommodated on the ground floor as part of the police-friendly modernisation. The facility is designed for about 80 police officers in different areas of responsibility.

Location Lörrach, Germany
Room / Door Passage door, Detention room door
Solutions Police Custody
Product series HSL High security locks
Service Delivery
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