Access and Door Control

STUV Prison Solutions offers special locks for existing doors to ensure the secure and modern operation of correctional facilities.

Access and Door Control

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In correctional facilities, reliable and modular access and door control technology is an essential part of the security concept. STUV develops a system for each project that is precisely tailored to the individual requirements. From the control and monitoring of devices and locks to access management.

Diez Preventive Detention Centre

The new preventive detention building was constructed on the grounds of Diez Prison (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). The 19.5 million euro building offers space for 64 preventive detainees. In the four-storey building with a T-shaped floor plan, they have 18 square metre rooms, each with its own bathroom and a small kitchenette. The new building became necessary due to a decision by the Federal Constitutional Court in May 2011. The practice of executing preventive detention in prison buildings, which had been common in all federal states until then, was declared unconstitutional.

Location Diez, Germany
Room / Door Passage door, Outer gate
Solutions Preventive Detention
Product series HSL High security locks
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