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Many of our customers want a long-term cooperation around complete solutions. This ensures that projects are executed as efficiently as possible and with maximum profitability and reliability. When customers choose a provider of high-security locks or access and door control systems, offering complementary services in combination with excellent products is a decisive factor.

Accordingly, STUV Prison Solutions offers special services such as installation and financing, various forms of protection letters, service packages and spare parts. The ever-expanding range of these services is of great importance for STUV's competitiveness. To learn more about our offerings, contact our sales specialists.


Planning + Installation

Why should you choose the STUV installation service?

STUV has the tools and expertise you need to realise a flawless and smooth installation. From mechanical detention locks to electronic RFID locks, we offer professional and specialised staff and flexible financing options to fit your budget.

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Retrofitting
  • Dismantling + Disposal
  • Commissioning


We support you with our specialists as early as the planning stage and work with you to ensure that all organisational and technical aspects are and remain taken into account.


STUV is your expert and certified partner for the national and international installation and commissioning of your STUV high security system. Our experienced service technicians prepare the door and install the locks and fittings, and subsequently provide the functional guarantee.


We undertake the complete conversion of a facility or a sub-area from conventional locks to HSL or SL. Of course, we will coordinate the work with you in detail during the ongoing operation of the facility.

Dismantling + Disposal

With our experienced service technicians, we take care of the dismantling and, above all, the safe disposal (destruction) of your old locks. So that you can be absolutely certain that they will not be disposed of in an uncontrolled manner or even fall into the wrong hands.


STUV offers you professional commissioning and thus the certainty that the availability and function of the high security system is guaranteed at all times. Our expertise also helps you to minimise the time and costs for installation and commissioning.


STUV offers you two ways to have defective locks repaired by our experts: Send it in or bring it by appointment to our factory in Heiligenhaus.

Send in
Bring by


Do you have questions about lock financing?

Our sales team will be happy to inform you

Cover Letter

Whether sabotage, manipulation or external interference: the security of the facility depends on the reliable operation of the high-security system. If a problem should ever occur with a component, quick help is needed. With the right insurance cover, prison facilities can protect themselves against sudden events.



Ideal for institutions that can carry out lock replacements themselves but want to have the locks repaired by the specialised STUV repair service. To enable you to quickly replace a lock on site, we deposit at least 7% of your lock stock (at least one lock per type) with you as a service stock. As soon as you return a lock to us, you will receive it back restored within 15 working days. In addition, you have the full manufacturer's warranty for the entire duration of the contract.


Our all-risk protection cover for maximum cost control and the greatest possible operational security: We deposit at least 10% replacement locks with you, you have the full manufacturer's warranty during the contract period and do not pay any repair costs for locks during the contract period, regardless of the reason (e.g. sabotage, manipulation, third-party intervention, incorrect operation, etc.).


Ideal for facilities that do not have their own service technician or want additional redundancy to ensure smooth operation.

Within 3 working days at the latest, we will come to you to change a lock. To be on the safe side, we also deposit at least 10% replacement locks at your premises. During the contract period, you have the full manufacturer's warranty and do not pay any repair costs for locks, regardless of the reason (e.g. sabotage, tampering, third-party interference, incorrect operation, etc.).


Get more out of your locks: At STUV, our goal is to make the daily operation of your facility as efficient and reliable as possible. That's why we design our products to deliver industry-leading levels of performance and service life.

When the STUV lock is the engine, it's up to the driver to keep it running reliably and sustainably. Our training courses are designed to consolidate and improve your knowledge and skills and to help you realise the full potential of your high security system.

There is a suitable course for every target group - whether beginner or professional.
STUV's offer ranges from one-day to multi-day training courses.

Lock diagnostics + mechanics
Access management
Lock control

Learning by Doing -
Craftsmanship for Knowledge

"Learning by doing" is the basic principle of all STUV training courses. The contents in theory and practice are specially adapted to the needs of the facilities. The focus is on practice-oriented learning in small groups. Under the guidance of STUV specialists with practical experience, the participants put their theoretical knowledge into practice on the lock types and access and door control workspaces available in the facility.

The STUV training courses can also be booked as individual events. In this case, the STUV specialists come to your premises and train your employees on site.

Interested in a training course?