Strike Plate Bolt

for (latch) bolt

Stainless steel strike plate for mechanical locks.

Functional description

The right striking plate for every lock type. This striking plate is used for mechanical locks with a single locking element. These include, for example, detention room locks or passage door locks with or without an auxiliary latch (fire and smoke protection).


Stainless steel strike plate for mechanical locks.

Application areas

The strike plate with one opening is used in combination with mechanical locks.


  • for deadbolt or latchbolt locks
  • for mechanical locks
  • to be used DIN right and DIN left

Product locations

  • Passage door
  • Detention room door
  • Outer gate
  • Technical room
  • Grid/fence door
  • Psychiatry patient door
  • Extra-secured detention door
  • Service door
  • Sports facilities door
  • Administration door
  • Fire protection door
  • Smoke protection door
  • Arms storage door
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Technical details

Technical details

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 280 x 34,5 x 4 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Finishing: blank
Weight: 0.22 kg
Installation: 4 screw holes M5
Countersunk: DIN74 - A5


  • DB | DIN direction: right and left

DB | DIN direction: right and left

Bolt locks that close on both sides can be used for both DIN right and DIN left doors. A specification when ordering is not required here. This applies e.g. to lock types HSL 101 and HSL 301 with feature S2.



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