Communication Box HSL 10x E/T

incl. software (locks)

Communication box for programming HSL-E/T locks

Functional description

The communication box is used for programming and checking HSL-E/T locks. It has a USB port for connection to a computer and an RS-485 interface for connection to the lock. The communication box is supplied including necessary programming and testing software, as well as a 24V DC power supply. The power supply provides power for the box and the lock. The test mode allows the lock status to be displayed and the motor travel or locking mechanism inhibit to be controlled. The programming mode also allows to change the operating mode of the lock (passage door, airlock, etc.).


Communication box for programming HSL-E/T locks


  • Communication box incl. software and 24V DC power supply unit
  • Practical test and programming mode for HSL-E/T locks
  • Compact design
  • USB and RS-485 interface

Product locations

  • Passage door
  • Detention room door
  • Airlock door
  • Main entrance door
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Technical details

Technical details

Material: Plastic
Housing: Plastic, ABS
Supply voltage: via USB
Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
Storage temperature: -20 - 55°C
Relative humidity: 5 - 95% rel. Humidity (operation)
Protection class: 25 kV ESD protection for all signals, 2000 VDC opto-isolation for all signals
Interfaces: 1x RS422/RS485; 9-pin Sub-D connector
Certificates: CE, FCC

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