Combined high security - tested and certified

As part of the Schüco Group, SÄLZER GmbH is the specialist for innovative high security concepts, worldwide! More than 130 employees (f/m/d) develop, manufacture and install high-security windows, doors, façades and guard houses to protect against burglary, break-ins, bullet holes, explosion and fire/smoke. Customers from the public and private sector trust in the tested and certified system solutions from SÄLZER.

In hundreds of projects for the police, courts, correctional services and forensics, SÄLZER's burglar-resistant products developed especially for this sector have been used.

There is no independent test standard for the burglar-resistant properties of windows and doors. In order to guarantee reliable security, SÄLZER tests its break-out resistant doors, windows, facades and grilles on both sides according to the European standard series DIN EN 1627-1630. The cell or detention room doors SÄLZER series S4Z are additionally tested according to the guidelines for detention room doors of the state of Saxony-Anhalt as well as the guideline of the VfS Hamburg. Like the door of the S4Z series, the METAS® series aluminium window, which was specially developed for this purpose, does not offer any approach for suicide attempts and injuries. The high level of protection against break-in and break-out, which is ensured by the solid and robust construction, also provides extremely effective protection against vandalism. For installation situations where additional protection against fire and smoke is required, the steel doors of the SÄLZER Series S4 and the doors of the SECUFIRE® Series are additionally equipped with tested fire protection properties in the resistance classes T30/EI30 and T90/EI90. Many other products, such as entrance gates (doors, counter windows, partition walls) completely secured against burglary and bullet penetration, guard houses and guard towers, heartbeat detectors are available for the holistic protection of a property.

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