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Our doors and gates offer a range of advantages. In addition to the high manufacturing quality, the many innovative solutions are characteristic of Franzen Doors & Gates. For a wide range of performance requirements such as fire, smoke, burglary, sound, increased air tightness and doors for outdoor use, Franzen is sure to offer the optimum door.

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Joint projects

Glückstadt Deportation Detention Facility

In 2018, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg decided to establish a joint detention centre for deportees in Glückstadt (Steinburg district). A total of 60 places are available in the 28 million euro facility on the grounds of a former barracks, 20 per federal state. Schleswig-Holstein is responsible for the construction and operation of the facility. The facility was opened in August 2021.

Location Glückstadt, Germany
Room / Door Passage door, Detention room door, Airlock door
Solutions Detention Pending Deportation
Product series HSL High security locks
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Partner Franzen Feuerschutztüren GmbH