HSL 175: Maximum reliability due to mechanical self-locking mechanism


HSL 175: Maximum reliability due to mechanical self-locking mechanism

The HSL 175 provides correctional facilities with a high-quality deadbolt lock that perfectly combines security and user-friendliness. Ideal for applications where reliable locking has to be particularly fast.

The operation of the HSL 175 differs from the usual locking back of the deadbolt: When opening the HSL 175 lock, the HSL double-bit key is also turned one turn. However, this first releases a lock in the lock. The actual retraction of the bolt is done by operating a lever. Afterwards, the detention room door can be opened as usual. The key is not needed to lock the door. Thanks to SlamAction, the door is only thrown into the frame and thus the automatic locking takes place within a fraction of a second. Lock and door are fully secured again in this state.

The main features of HSL 175:

  • Easy operation: The HSL 175 can be easily released with the HSL double-bit key (1 turn). A 180° turn of the key is sufficient to release the internal locking mechanism and allow the deadbolt to be retracted by operating a lever.
  • Automatic locking mechanism: The lock locks automatically when the door is closed. The auxiliary latch releases the locking mechanism when it comes into contact with the strike plate mounted on the door frame - the main bolt then reliably retracts into the strike plate and secures the door at the same time.
  • Lock recoding without conversion key: As part of the HSL series, the HSL 175 offers the possibility to recode the lock without an additional conversion key, which makes operation and organisation even easier.

The HSL 175 is available now. Extensive accessories are available in the STUV Prison Solutions accessories programme.